Friday, 7 November 2014

To be honest, we really did not expect our plan to go this smoothly and now have no idea on what to do next. Then again, what can you do when all but one of your allies is in a fifteen foot prison pit in a stronghold that's guarded? There was a shuffling noise that was in front of the grate, werewolves that seemed familiar somehow and demanded the "cowardly" cleric. He was taken out, the tone of the garbled speech made it seem to be an interrogation and thrown back into square one. I tasted a long piece of metal in my tongue,  I realized it was my lockpick! I climbed up the pit's steep walls up to the midday sun to reach the grates lock. Although I moved swiftly, the others were ahead of the game and opened my grate. Freedom!
    The Arsenal. Arsenal. Arsenal. The title of the most powerful weapon for the kingdom that could change the fate of history drilled into my mind, we must find it. When I already climbed out, a battle between us and the stronghold was in full force with everybody hitting someone or getting hit by everybody. So far, in my experiences of the events that happened, I'm pretty good at setting things on fire. And this was show soon after the cleric tossed me some flint and steel, a bottle of oil and let my instincts work it out. I violently shook the bottle of oil, flinging most of the black liquid around the corner of the nearest building. All it took for a blazing inferno was just a small spark of flint and steel. Air was suddenly replaced by a burning sensation called fire, and crept slowly but surely upwards engulfing the building and the poor sods inside.
    Me and the paladin ran down a tight alleyway between a building and a twenty foot tall wall  on the left, while simultaneously letting nearly the rest of my oil run down behind me. I could now only see the fighting silhouettes of both ally and enemy that were in front of the flames that followed behind me. There was a locked door on the building to the right. Our gear was somewhere, and it was probably inside somewhere. In front, two enemies with similar ideas to ours also decided to go down this alleyway as well, coming straight towards us! The paladin rushed in to defend me as I desperately picked at the lock to unlock it. Sharp pain pushed from my chest into my back. I dared to look down and saw a bolt firmly planted itself and warm liquid blood trickling down. I tried in vain to move, but I was impaled to the wall finally passing out.

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