Thursday, 30 October 2014

Stomach pains was the thing that woke me up. A gentle breeze of fresh air and bleaching sunlight alerted me that I was no longer in the humid, dark cavern where an orphan's final resting place was. The outside finally felt nice, and eased my disgusted stomach and mouth, but not by a lot though. A familiar growl was heard nearby the foliage, it was the hermit's massive white wolf that always following him. The wolf strangely had the voice of the hermit, seeming that he was eaten by the wolf, but my fears were no longer to be feared as he was speaking to us telepathically.
    "Where's the Arsenal?" the hermit asked. Immediately all of us shut our mouths and only spoke silence. We attempted to tip-toe across the subject of what our quest in the first place was and instead fell off into the pool of awkwardness and eye-contact avoidance. One of us broke the ice by simply stating that we did not have it since it was stolen by werewolves. The hermit let out a sigh of disappointment and warned that if we did not obtain it soon, the attacking army would take over Avendale and later, the entire kingdom.
    The hermit, told us of the town Redstone nearby, destroyed and taken over by the attacking army, but not without the resistance of the town leaving the army with some casualties and some wounded. He soon left with our ranger and wizard, they were both having blank minds and empty stares. But he said not to worry, after tossing what seemed to be a transportation gem when they snapped out of non-conciousness.
    A plan needed to be hatched and it was luckily laid by the half-orc wizard who seemed the best at planning. He was extremely charismatic and even been able to befriend enemies of the attacking army, before backstabbing them. He said we could ambush the carts of wounded coming back to the stronghold that are barely guarded and take it to the stronghold, supposedly where the Arsenal was. We scouted out for the bandwagons, once spotted we set up ahead and prepared to take back what was ours.
    I set atop a tall tree by the trail feeling the fresh wind breezing my face instead of smoke and flames which I was used to see on the treeline. When the caravan passed the plan was executed. Three of us, walked and stopped right in the tracks of the bandwagon.The half-orc wizard hailed them saying that the people with him were prisoners, tricking the caravan. All of the rest of us turned away, letting the wizard conjure a blinding bright light destroying the vision of all who dared to look. The three carriages' drivers and guards forfeited their lives after they looked at the vison-destroying spell, being met by a barrage of fists, spells and arrows. Somehow, one of the carts caught on fire during the blitz. Not wanting to give away my position, I remembered the silent blow dart I owned and pulled it out. Each shot I did with it seemed to merely annoy those I shot, except for one wounded goblin in the cart died by the measly tiny prick of the dart.
    Parts of the caravan, guards, the wounded and drivers were strewn everywhere mixed in with chaos and inferno fires. It finally seemed a plan that had actually gone well! Or so I thought. A small brown flying glob that was barely over the horizon was spotted by my eyes. It was something unmistakable to me, A wyvern. A small green goblin sat atop of the wyvern commanding the wyvern because he was his master. I slinked down deeper into the tree to hide in the foliage and not grabbed by its powerful predator talons. Crap, the rest of the team was taking one of the wagons without me! I couldn't simply jump down thirty feet breaking my ankles and start dashing for the fear of falling a hundred feet more because of the wyvern. I stayed in the tree longer, for the sliver of hope that the rest of the team would come back for their talented rogue.
    The entirety of what was left of the caravan was now set ablaze, coming dangerously close to the surrounding forest. Melting colours of orange, yellow and red clashed with each other, but there was one that I feared the most, grey. The translucent grey smoke rose above into the blue sky, now the attacking army was most certainly alerted to the contrasting smoke, Now I realized why the wyvern was flying low to the ground, searching for prey. I had another realization seeing the wind brush the leaves, making the smoke come towards me! A stinging pained managed to grab my eyes and choke my lungs of their fresh air. At the same time, I could feel the air whoosh knowing that the wyvern was nearby, I barely managed to not make a cough. But the wizard did.
    The damn wizard coughed right beneath my tree, but something was amiss with him. He took off every single possession and clothing and ditched it and ran, far. The wyvern immediately landed down near the tree, at least it didn't spot me. The wizard, embracing the joys of being naked, casted a magic missile on himself and the goblin that commanded the wyvern, knocking himself out and killing the wyvern's master. The monk ran out of the carriage and tried to help the suddenly suicidal wizard, to be picked up in a snatch by the wyvern and flown away. Just seeing one of my teammates face a near-certain death, I decided to stay in the tree, there was no opportunity to run to the safety of the team.
    Hearing only the forest's nature and fires that will soon swallow nature's sound, I chose to silently go down the tree picking up the only possessions of the spaztic wizard. Another teammate, the fighter decided to follow the footstep's of the monk and charged directly at the wyvern. He got picked up too. I saw the chaos and smoke that alerted the attacking army, I attempted to set my tree on fire to destroy evidence of the events but there was no kindling to start it. Knowing my only chance to run to my allies since the wyvern was distracted is now. I turned my back, filled with adrenaline to start dashing. Instead of that, there was a wyvern. Even before I could set a foot ahead, three slashes of pain slapped the front of my body, I felt like dying again. But this was weird, It wasn't even a fatal injury, I could just feel the life in my body faint away and fall asleep forever.
    A jolt combined with a rotton wooden floor woke me up again. I pondered on how many times I have cheated death so far. I got up, stripped of all my belongings in the carraige with my allies. I dare not to ask how I was still alive, for the fear of jinxing it. Yet another plan was deviously hatched by the half-orc wizard. All of us were to empty all of our belongings to look like prisoners except for a lockpick I kept under my tongue. The orc-wizard was going to be part of the "attacking army" saying that he captured us and get us into the stronghold. The carriage stopped and the wizard faked it saying that he got prisoners for the stronghold, with our authentic looks of prisoners we tricked them. We were lead into the stronghold, and spotted the Arsenal! We were so close, but so far I thought as we were tossed down a deep prison pit.

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