Wednesday, 26 November 2014

When I awoke to, the once black clothes I had were replaced with a dark crimson red that felt warm and dripped down from my arrow chest wound. I felt like the wound should've killed me, as if a higher being watched me and documented my adventures and that was the sole reason why I was still alive. No one was here, hearing only the distant battle cries of monster and ally alike. Tearing the bolt away from my chest very painfully, I dropped down and looked at the door I tried to open. With the ease of no enemies and no fear of being shot through the chest with a crossbow, I picked the door and opened it ajar, there might be an enemy inside.
    Silence was inside the building, indicating no one else was here. Still realizing I was only in my undies, I needed to find my gear, fast. I took the door to the right and opened it into a crudely made bedroom. Inside was seemingly ordinary drawer, opening it with slim hopes of finding something valuable had actually paid off! Golden ring, as simple I could describe it, I slowly adorned it on my finger as if I was marrying someone with it. I instantly felt better and seemed to regenerate health, this was pretty good considering the other events...
     A chest in the room was the main attraction that lured my eyes and reeled them in. I realized I opened the chest without me noticing and OH MY GOD I'M FILTHY RICH! Gold! Gold! And more gold! I saw through my greedy eyes only shimmering gold and only gold. Imagine, all the fantasies I could live with this! After the ecstasy died down, I started to pity myself as underwear was the only loyal clothing I had left. But when there is a will there is a way. I started to stuff my undies with as much overflowing gold as possible, it felt REALLY cold like ice. This temporary feeling of icy freeze was going to be worth it though, I'm going to be rich!
    Of course, what's the point of gold if I'll never get out of here? I will never be able to enjoy the riches of having twenty pieces of gold if I didn't get of out here. " I AM SHAYMAN THE SHAWMAN!" A voice bellowed with great pride in it's tone right behind me. The proud shaman I saw earlier that only said this line was now with the assassin who has been in the pits before us for who knows long were now here. It turns out that we were pretty much the last guys left, all the others were hypnotized and became "friends" with the enemy. With our collective intellect, our best plan was to... run away. We knew there was absolutely no chance to fight an entire stronghold off with just the three of us.
    Don't worry, we'll come back some day... I tried to justify our actions of cowardly abandonment as I got my gear and fantasized about what riches I could afford with a thousand gold pieces. The best plan of action was to somehow take our wagon and scurry out of there, then we'll come back, it's a flawless plan! Sneaking out the door with silence, I looked up at the twenty foot wall imagining the freedom that would be other side. A quick peek in my pack revealed a grappling hook I had long forgotten left in there, it was a damn good thing I buy the most random stuff for such niche situations. The anchor flew up the twenty feet with no hesitation and quickly held on with its sharp claws, indicating our master plan was about to be executed.
    The air seemed to get a bit thinner with every heave of climbing, even though it was just twenty feet. It seemed the air was much cooler, with a nice gentle breeze that could calm even the most angriest of people. Never had I been so grateful for that breeze, after all, I was in fifteen foot deep pit for quite a while. The brown wooden platform gave a view of the entire stronghold, and in the corner of my eye, I saw the now hypnotized "friends" that one day would rescued valiantly by me. Dismissing my far out future plans, the shaman and assassin climbed quickly after me and headed near the catapult towards our "friends". Out of some desperate act of attention-seeking, they yelled that they wanted to be "friends" too. Not much later after their insane surrender, was me, the least qualified to be an adventurer was the sole survivor.
    Damn, why did I somehow become the last guy on our team who wasn't a "friend"? Screw this guys, after what all we've done, nearly save the entire kingdom, almost gain access to the most powerful armory in the world, and the last two guys on our team decided become "friends" with the attacking army out of the blue. In an act of impulse, and the desire to forget what happened here, and the needy desperation for freedom, I grabbed the pointed log walls and simply leaped over. Feeling rushing air, and landing down with a roll closing my eyes on to the soft soil and green grass. I opened my eyes and adjusted, spotting the glimmering mountains of where we teleported to the left, and the soft blue glow of the vast ocean, maybe I could start anew, I thought gripping the gold pouch.
    Maybe, that word was now shoved at the back of my brain, my body was also shoved back into the pit with everyone else. Although my brain temporally could not hold words after the werewolves that took our chest, now took me right after I was basking in the view of what could have been a new start. Sigh...

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