Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A sense of dread casted over the whole company, we could feel the eyes of others staring down at us as we walked the halls that once welcomed us now dead in their eyes. Every single possession of ours that gave each of us our individuality were stripped of us along with the armour in which we fought zombies, swam in deep dark waters and singed with fiery lava.
    I tried to sleep that night feeling uneasy and rewatching the events that unraveled that earlier the day just made sleeping a task only short-term amnesiacs could have done. My ears were perked up in ever the case of what happened on the night of the murder could repeat, sending us down to death row.
    Hearing the tiniest of a whisper outside the window of the dwarf, my throat sank throughout my entire body. It was Alpha team's whispering behind the magically sealed window. Creeping to the window, what I heard of was that two Alpha members were threatening somebody that would let out their secret of cheating. A spine chill ran down my body, another murder was about to happen.
    I pounded on the window yelling that we could hear them, it was futile. They responded that we were ''next'', what I could hear were the muffled screams and dragging of somebody who dared to cross the boundaries of team Alpha. It slowly dawned on me of what will happen, a stomach sinking pain absorbed me as I stood still with one thought. Execution. The dwarf screamed only the heaviest of sleepers would trek through, waking up everyone. We gathered at the front door discussing on what to do, a small glance at the main door made me realize that it was not sealed or locked in anyway.
    I looked through the door as quietly as can be, then the ranger decided to go out. Much to our surprise, the entire Alpha team was there! In a flash they fled leaving a huge blood puddle that gave a copper scent and a dagger that was placed there to surely blame us for the atrocity that happened. A flash of events blurred past of what I could remember that somehow the dwaf got stabbed by one of our members in a lame attempt to frame Alpha team, with our wizard and ranger running down the hallway to get Captain Greenwood, leaving behind bloody footprints. I barricaded our main door with furniture to prevent Alpha team from invading. Soon, Captain Greenwood and the entire army had been summoned to our door, sending us yet again to the court, I have a feeling this will end in death.
    The courts showed no mercy to us, prosecuting all of us and shooting down any of our arguments that could save our lives. It didn't help that two of our members were running away with bloody footprints and a stabbed dwarf topped of with me barricading the door with sofas and tables. Ruled guilty with a dose of execution tomorrow, I let out a sigh and felt more hopeless.
    With our heads hung low and Team A's held above all the others while in our soon to be empty barracks, a hope came out, Captain Greenwood. He was suspicious of team Alpha since they have broken all previous records and seemingly perfect, nobody is perfect. He actually believes us and our innocence, we just needed to get some evidence to show that it was not us who murdered the poor souls. We voted our results and the result was we were going to have a vote with the other teams to get our sentence reduced, at least a chance has been given to the underdogs.
    This was the third visit to the courtroom, with different intentions this time. All the teams were summoned upon us in order to determine the fate of our lives. We used compelling arguments to convince the teams of our innocence, how we could not have stabbed the team Charlie member as our doors and windows were magically sealed. We had been stripped of our weapons showing that we could not have stabbed anyone and we had worked with team Charlie, why would we stab their backs?
    Despite all logic and reasons, Alpha team managed to convince the other teams that we were unworthy of life, no dreams that have been held such high and crushed that you could feel the ominence and silence of us. With team Alpha declared the winner and us not even worthy to breath the same air we share, we are here in our barracks, no future, just death.

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