Wednesday, 24 September 2014

We were lead to an open grass field that was boring and plain at first sight, in the field were these two puddles for our constitution test. Somehow, these puddles led to an underwater dungeon which had been flooded with water. We had been tasked to retrieve four coins in the depths of the water somewhere in "corners". With nothing else to do but dive for coins I jumped in the water, I looked for a corner. Lo and behold there was one! A whole chest of them, I decided to take four coins to pass the test much more "quicker". I returned back to the surface to give the coins back to our cleric and once again dive in. I swam in the opposite direction along the wall only to hit a corner with nothing. I had a feeling that something was behind me... I looked back and saw two pairs of glowing eyes! Cobras! I was underwater, nothing at all could be done, I made a feeble attempt of trying to fire an arrow at the two snakes, but alas I was underwater. Then, something happened.
I woke up back at the puddle with two snakes at the puddle. Did they save me only to eat me and agonize me? I slowly placed my feet in, they did nothing. I took no chances and immediately shot one with my bow. The cleric came up to check on me, he also yelled at the snakes very loudly. Nothing we did seemed to get a reaction from them as they just went back down into the water. Not wanting to waste time at all I dove once again underwater. A small black abyss caught my eye making me swim above it to see anything, something did catch my eye, snakes!
    Those same snakes stared at me with blank eyes and unmoving bodies. I slid past them to see if I could provoke a reaction on any of them, but they stood still and above the abyss. I'm sure they were just protecting their nest, hopefully. Checking any corner of the dungeon, inside a pile of rubble held a strange blue potion.
     Having a sense of slowly deflating lungs I immediately took an entire swig of this... thing. A surge of energy burst through my lungs. I could breath! Underwater even! Determined to find the last coin, I looked thoroughly and indeed found it. Before attempting to return to the surface, something struck me odd as I glanced at a doorway. A natural cavern was through the door, but it was shimmering blue.
    Testing to see if it was safe, I picked a random bone from a long gone human corpse to throw it within. I was wrong, very wrong. Almost instantly blue creatures that were similar to snakes came out by the dozens! I couldn't afford to lose the test so I started to swim my way back further than my body could think of. Those blue creatures were as fast as lightning! As I was about to surface, One of them gripped around me preventing any movement. The dwarf dove down to rescue me, but that was a lie. He took the coin and just left me there. All alone.
    We were teleported instantly without any warning to our barracks. Like always, Captain Greenwood was disappointed. Alpha team's miraculous perfect score which included friendly snakes and chests of coins once again showed how good they were.

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