Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The night was eerily dark, with these strangers some how, we need to survive waves of zombies coming toward us as our first exam. Out of the edges of the boundaries, we heard moans and silently panicked,the zombies surrounded the perimeter. I managed to shoot one in the damned eye, except it didn't do a thing! It just slowly mangled across the muddy ground. we just stood there in the middle of the open, I wanted to go into the buildings. But that idea became all but possible as the zombies became crowds, and the crowds became hordes, and the hordes brought death. As far as my eye can see, all my allies were screaming their throats out as flesh became meal for the already dead.
    I needed to retreat, a fallback plan. I dashed to the door of and old rickety house trying to ignore the screams of fallen comrades, the table was a perfect hiding space that I could wait until the commotion died down. I hear someone open the door, thankfully it was the something... a monk. We locked the old door and blocked it with an old useless chair. The door looked like the slightest breath of a creature could knock it down. shuffling noises concentrated on the door, then banging, then full on door breaking! The zombies piled in numbers that only a mathematician could figure out, it was so packed in the house I don't think the zombies could have noticed me. Then, all zombies dropped like dead flies.

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