Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The intelligence test was unlike any of the other test, no zombies, drowning, or snakes, but just a written test. Unfortunately, we bombed it with whopping sixty percent. Although we passed the engineering part with flying colours. As a pity gift, we received a book of engineering. We decided to give it to our newest member, a half-orc wizard, somehow the book would be of use for him.
    Rumour had it that Alpha team was cheating, like we never knew. The new guy on our team said that Alpha team had tried to convince him to join their team by giving him cheat sheets at midnight at the northern window for the Wisdom test tomorrow. A bard from Charlie team wanted in to take Alpha team down by being with us. This was our opportunity, to strike down those who have mocked us, the taller they are the harder they fall. We told Captain Greenwood of the plan that was going down. I decided to sleep through as our Wisdom test was tomorrow.
    In the morning my hands had been tied by the guards, confused about what's happened. Apparently the bard from charlie team snuck out at midnight when he was nearly caught by Captain Greenwood. He came into our dorm to hide for a while as the guards searched, he left after they were gone. Captain Greenwood was questioning us why there were footprints on the railing and balcony. He noticed dripping from the roof and started to investigate it. It was blood from the dead corpse of the bard. We would be brought to court for the murder in which we did not do.
    In court we were bound with our hands on our backs with no weapons. A bit humiliating. We would be tried for the murder of the bard. The dwarf and the wizard were chosen to be our saviors in this time of peril. But everything they tried to show that was contradicting was shot down. There was no doubt that we were losing. We were guilty and as the punishment of choice were being debated the dwarf suggested execution. Who in the right mind would say that? Luckily the judge thought that it would be too cruel. We would be locked in our barracks with nothing until the wisdom test is finished, I want to punch the dwarf now.

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