Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Another test. Like last year, this time its dexterity. It was the same place where the zombies absolutely destroyed us, but this is different. We're not just dealing with archers on buildings now, we have lava... We all started on the roof of the building we tried to cower in before, but that was last year. Archers were perched on all of the other buildings aiming down their sights. I gazed and saw a humongous turret manned by one of them, we would be in serious trouble if it shot us!
    We all had one plan. Take down the turret. One by one we took down that turret, but more archers did backflips onto it, commanding the turret. Everytime I tried to shoot something, I missed! I didn't land a single shot! One archer attempted to shoot me, Luckily I proned down and it hit that halfling bard right in the eye! He lost his balance and fell into the lava. I had a feeling that it should have hit me instead... The turret shot something like big at us, it landed and hatched into a spider! I tried to kick it down to it's fiery death, but I forgot that spiders can use their webs. It stuck on the side of the building like gum. The ranger somehow summoned an eagle, which soon was subjected to becoming delicious chicken by the archers. One by one we defeated all the archers and actually passed a test without failing!

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