Thursday, 2 October 2014

A coat of pain covered my entire body was regaining conscious, starting to regret it as it rocked to and fro. All joints retaliated against me by refusing to work properly. Every fiber of my being wanted to scream out in pain, but alas it had no mouth. I could only feel my pain and nothing else with no input from the outside of the world.
    My body tensed up as I could feel sudden air rushing on the bottom side of me where ground used to lay. A loud CRACK was both felt and heard on my skull. I could feel the cognition of myself deteriorate and slip further away. The first function to go was thinking coherent sentences, only vowels and verbs remained, the rest were casted away only to be used for the intelligent. Another unexpected skull crack caused extreme muscle control loss and all loss of speech.
    DONKEY. MOON-WOLF. TOWN. JAIL. Those are the only things I could try to remember since arriving in Arendale. Our party arrived at the tall gates of one of the last frontiers before the kingdom would completely fall. It seemed very suspicious that we were scouting for the attacking army since we were complete strangers demanding to enter. All of us were immediately thrown in jail, with me still retarded and half-dead.
    My cognition and body were put back together by a healing spell, like a puzzle that had been smashed and hastily glued again passing off as "completed". Before any plan could be hatched by the remnants of the Citadel, a wizard tried to grill as much information from us. She deemed we were not a threat anymore, or anytime soon. The wizard is the daughter of the mayor of Arendale, and he too was a graduate of the Citadel but now too old and fat to help defend. She asked us to help defend Arendale as the "soldiers" were the smith, baker, farmer and some other peasants, pity was hinted to them.
    The wizard asked if we had "The Arsenal", which was the Citadel's most prized treasure. It contained the most powerful weapons known to the realm to defend against evil and those who wielded it. Explaining the loss of it was no easy thing to do to her. She lost it, a torrent of how we failed the Citadel and the kingdom by being idiots and losing the only thing that could've saved us.
    The Arsenal was taken by were-wolves while we were on the way to Arendale, But I could barely recall this as at the time I was retarded. We needed a plan to take it back. At the time, it was already hours since the wolves had taken our only hope and long gone then. Our vague plan was to track them down and take what was rightfully ours.
    Our wizard sold my VERY valuable gem to a merchant without me realizing for some stupid potions. This caused an outrage to burst from me and yell at him for being such a dolt. Another man who owned some stables offered to let us rent some of the horses for 100 gold. Me being already in a storming mood blew up in his face. This situation is a matter of life or death! Gold doesn't matter at all when your dead! We needed all help possible to get the Arsenal. A good yelling at him convinced him and he was enlightened. Free horses were given for compensation for him being to greedy and stupid.
    We slept uneasily, knowing every second we sleep the wolves are getting away.

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