Thursday, 2 October 2014

At the crack of dawn we set our horses and ourselves onwards to find the Arsenal. We trotted slowly and quietly through the once alive but now burnt forest and our battlefield to search for any clues of the ruthless were-wolves that took one on the Citadel's most prized possession. On the battlefield, one of the rangers spotted the tracks of the were-wolves which were deeper than the others showing signs of something heavy they were carrying, along with a lot of blood at the scene which was apparently mine and the bits and pieces of my donkey!
    We followed the tracks which led to the first town that was abandoned after the raid on it. It all seemed so quiet, Way too quiet. Another eagle named Bastard the II was summoned to scout out the town, but first pooping on the ranger's arm for avenging it's predecessor. Reports came back that the town was completely dead. A small team of us were first sent to see if anything would cause great trouble to us if we all came. The assassin spotted a kobold passed out inside from a house from partying too hard from the spoils of battle. Two quick slashes of his scythe and the problem was solved. A door became ajar as an old wizard nonchalantly popped out yawning. A voice yelled asking if he was part of attacking the town. Tired, the wizard just said yes.
    This prompted three our our guys to attack him, but all of them missed miserably without him even moving an inch. He seemed so confident of himself, He was a big threat seemingly doing nothing as three people tried to take him on. I charged at this wizard with my horse at full speed in order to trample him, But I too missed and paid dearly by crashing through!
    I felt a heavy breath on me as my body lay on glass, wood, and steel. My head turned around and saw an eye as big as my own head open wide and stare at me. It was no doubt that this was a dragon. It felt surreal to suddenly have a dragon thrusted into my face. slowly, I unsheathed my rapier and stabbed its eye, the eyebrow, specifically. All I felt next was a burning sensation all over my body.

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