Thursday, 2 October 2014

My body awoke as if I had been in a slumber for aeons. I could barely remember the acid burning flesh right off my body. Slowly moving my body all knowing it went to hell and beyond, expecting to wince in pain. No pain whatsoever happened as if an angel gave me ambrosia. My eyes curiously opened.
    Midgets. Midget was the first thought that came up in the dark and cold cavern I had awoken in. All my blood boiled so hard as I saw them surround my allies and friends. Damn those abominations to hell! My skin was seething red and steam came out of my ears. I wished and prayed more than a priest for lightning to strike fear and death into them.
    Prayers were answered as my devoted loyal donkey appeared. Even though I've never ridden him before, I mounted him perfectly as my sights were set on those monsters. We valiantly charged in battle to save the only allies I have towards those things. Unbeknownst of me, the figure whose shape I could not recognize in the darkness put a stick in front of me. What was she doing! I thought before crashing passing out yet again, this time I was left to the mercy of the midgets.
    Even though my eyes were closed, I could see the glowing of something yellow, maybe gold even. Just one more time I opened my eyes. There they are, those animals. In a blinding rage I tackled one of them and was about to yell a voice that came deep from the soul and bellow from the bottom of my body. As the adrenaline was about to make my vocal cords tear themselves apart, the monk quickly grabbed my throat and threw me aside, traitor.

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