Monday, 27 October 2014

Stunned and prone, that's what my body currently was after a devastating blow by that traitorous monk that I once thought was cool. Laying in pain with my eyes closed but the shimmering gold glow from the bright and wet cavern shined through them. My hair then caught my attention, I realized though, strand by strand of hair ripped from its precious head screaming at me to immediately stop the source of pain. But my arms were already tired and my will could not muster them to command. I was being dragged away!
    Through the narrow caverns the floor dragged and scratched my legs. No matter how much pleading and resistance I could give, nothing stopped the mysterious figure that dragged me away from the monsters I so desperately needed to kill. I needed to know who or what was making my skin rip apart with the floor. Slowly turning my neck in anticipation, it was exactly who I thought it was. The monk!
    Nearly giving up my body soon felt more damp and Less and less light and more darkness as I could no longer open my eyes. A sudden shift of balance and the empty space appeared behind me. Gravity forced me down onto a puddle and changing my perspective directly toward onto the ceiling. Slowly, the idea of freedom drenched my mind, feeling the ecstasy of being free! My donkey loyally followed behind me as I recovered the hair from my head that would never be the same again. Leaping on my donkey valiantly, knowing I must defeat the enemy.
    Time slowed down the moment I spotted the children, my heart paced down to a snail's. I must do this. CHARGE!!! I rode my donkey as fast as possible through one of those monsters bellowing a yell that would make the gods proud. A blood curdling scream emerged from one as his lungs were punctured and forced air throughout the throat. I could hear its small bones crunch and muscles struggle over the mighty power of my brave little donkey. He breathed his last breath finally, feeling like I completed my life goal.
    CRACK!!! I had pain resonate through my skull ringing my vision and balance. But surprisingly I felt strangely calm, like nothing mattered at all. My life's purpose was complete. I let the mysterious figures maim me, slamming something heavy shaped square on my jaw. I felt the last of the life on my body disappear suddenly, but calmly.

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