Wednesday, 1 October 2014

My mind went blank and dark as reality set it's eyes and targeted me. The Hermit snapped open my mind by telling us of our current options. We could go back to the Citadel and burn the instant we arrive, stay with the hermit until the end of our lives or go to the towns. There are two towns, the first one might be under attack at this very moment. Arendale, the second town, is poorly defended and might be attacked soon.
    Considering our skills as a team, Going back to the Citadel was suicide and crossed off the list. Living with the Hermit would not be fun at all. We were stuck with two options, going to the first town, or to Arendale. An eagle named Bastard was summoned by our Ranger to scout ahead of us to see what remains of the first town. An elemental created by our wizard to do the same task to make sure we could get information. With no choice but to trudge down the mountain we hope to warn Arendale of their impending doom.
    As mountain became trees, and trees became forest. The eagle that had been sent was nowhere to be seen. Afraid it was shot down, we continued through the forest which soon became covered in webs. White webs covered every single spot of the forest, giving a surreal look of nature taking the forest for it's own. A small cry for help became increasing with volume with every step we took. A figure wrapped around a tree with webs struggled to breath and escape. We started to help this unfortunate soul before he became part of the spider food chain. Of course, spiders don't like their food taken away. Surrounded by spiders we were forced to fight back. I slayed one using my bow after shooting it three times, barely getting bitten since one spider spit it's web at my legs getting them stuck!. Even though I'm not that good at fighting, the wizard had the short-end of the stick. Swinging his mighty axe overhead at the same spider, he slammed it into the ground not once, not twice, but a whopping three times...
    Once all the spiders were eradicated, I freed myself from the webs on my legs that prevented movement and nearly got my face eaten off. We failed our objective that got us fighting spiders in the first place, as the man after the fight was sickly green bloated and most of all, dead. His body had nearly two-hundred gold giving the clue that he was a merchant. He didn't need the gold anymore, it would be a waste if we did not take them.
    Once the adrenaline had died down, we had absolutely no clue where to go. The webs blocked any vision to see the sky. I had the brilliant idea to climb the tree which once had the merchant. Slowly climbing branch by branch I reached the top, I could see the dimming sun and the webs that seem to make the forest have a second floor of white webs.
    Something shined in unison with the sun. On the very top of the tree was a gem, I instantly knew that it was worth an extreme amount and took it. I felt compelled to set the forest on fire for absolutely no reason, maybe to get rid of that merchant's body. I pulled out my flint & steel and perfectly set a web on fire, so easily it felt that I was destined to burn this place down to the ground. Hurrying down the tree feeling the increasingly intense heat and smoke, I felt extremely drowsy. Despite my efforts to stay awake just long enough to get down the tree, My body gave in and I plummeted towards the ground.

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